In Memoriam: Joseph Schwartzberg (1928-2018)

Joseph E. Schwartzberg
(Feb. 5, 1928 – Sept. 19, 2018)

The world lost a vital advocate for peace and justice on
September 19, 2018, with the death of Joseph E. Schwartzberg.

A Celebration of Life will be held:
Sunday, October 14th

First Unitarian Society
900 Mt. Curve Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55403

A message from Nancy Dunlavy, president of CGS-MN and Director of the Workable World Trust:

Each of you had your own unique connection to and relationship with Joe Schwartzberg. I was fortunate to have known Joe for about 20 years: casually for most of those years, then working with him almost daily for the last four. He was a driven, passionate, opinionated and highly intellectual individual who struck me each day as "youthful," even as his body became more frail.

The Workable World Trust will continue to support the projects and causes that Joe felt were most important for the world that we live in -- those related to effective democratic global governance. The baton has been passed .... let's continue to be inspired by the example of our dear friend and colleague, Joe Schwartzberg.