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“I Am Somali”: Three Visual Artists From The Twin Cities

Thursday, April 19
 7:00 – 8:45 PM

Minneapolis Institute of Art (Mia)
2400 Third Avenue South,
Minneapolis, MN 55404

Meet in Mia’s lobby by 6:55 pm to join the Tour!!

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Presenters:   Jan-Lodewijk Grootaers and Ifrah Mansour

 In Somalia, poetry has long been the preferred medium for artistic expression—in fact, the country is sometimes called “the land of bards.” This is in part because of Somalia’s long Islamic tradition, which discourages the visual depiction of people while embracing the power of the spoken word. Yet Somali artists have also turned to other media, including drawing, painting, photography, and video. 

This exhibition celebrates the work of three Somali visual artists from the Twin Cities: Hassan Nor (81), Aziz Osman (69), and Ifrah Mansour (30). Nor and Osman were born in Somalia and grew up there, migrating to the United States in the 1990s after the outbreak of civil war at home. Their drawings and paintings look to the past, depicting life in Somalia before the war and in transit, on the way to their new country. Mansour, on the other hand, was born in Saudi Arabia and raised in Minnesota. Her video addresses the cultural ignorance and stereotypes she encounters in her daily life. All three share stories of exile, memory, identity, pride, and resilience. 

 Jan-Lodewijk Grootaers, Mia Curator of African Art, ‘Arts of Africa and the Americas’ Department Head, and organizer of the “I Am Somali” exhibit, will provide us with a private group tour of the “I Am Somali” exhibit, as well as other Somali and Islamic artwork from the permanent galleries. 

 Artist Ifrah Mansour will join us to talk about her work. 

This program is sponsored by CGS-MN, and co-sponsored by Minnesota Alliance of Peacemakers, and United Nations Association, MN.

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Peacemakers of Minnesota video series

The Peacemakers of Minnesota Video Series is a collection of interviews of key individuals who have been part of the peace and justice movement in Minnesota for decades.  The project was conceived and interviews were conducted by Ehtasham Anwar (Pakistan), Humphrey Fellow, University of Minnesota Law School, Human Rights Center.  Videos were recorded by Suhail Ahmed (Pakistan), Humphrey Fellow, University of Minnesota Law School, Human Rights Center. The project was supervised by Dick Bernard, president (2005-07) of the Minnesota Alliance of Peacemakers and then-vice-president of Citizens for Global Solutions, Minnesota.  



January 2018

Transforming the United Nations System: Designs for a Workable World
by Dr. Joseph E. Schwartzberg

Distinguished International Professor Emeritus, University of Minnesota and long-time CGS-MN Board Member

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